Cards have many uses on Football Saga Fantasista. Each card has stats bonuses, sometimes stats maluses, a rank (stars), a level, Active Time (AT), a Cooldown Time (CT) and a Color

Stats Edit

On the card the stat bonuses and maluses are written. These bonuses are added to the player's stats for everything he does as long as the card is active. The card remain active for the whole duration of the Active Time, unless new cards are activated and the player runs out of card spots.

Total bonuses depend on the rank and level of the card. A card gains X random stat points at level X.

Rank & Level Edit

The rank of the card takes the form of stars. More stars means higher rank card. Additionnaly, it is possible to evolve a card that reached the max level to the next rank. The evolved card will go back to level 1.

Max rank is 7.

The level of the card is a number written on it. Max level of a card depends on the rank.

Level can be upped by sacrificing cards, which will be converted into XP for the card.

Amount of XP given by the sacrificed card depends on the rank (see table below) and level of the card (1 XP for each level). The rank is much more important than level to calculate XP.

Leveling up a card sometimes gives a boost in bonus stats, lowers Cooldown Time and rises Active Time. A card which reached max level can also be evolved into next rank.

Rank Initial bonus points Max Level XP Given Base CT CT by level Base AT AT by level
1 3 10 250 01:00:00 -00:05:00 00:10:00 +00:01:00
2 5 15 350 04:00:00 -00:10:00 00:15:00 +00:01:00
3 8 20 650 07:00:00 -00:15:00 00:20:00 +00:02:00
4 15 30 1550 13:00:00 -00:20:00 00:25:00 +00:03:00
5 18 40 4250 20:00:00 -00:25:00 00:30:00 +00:03:00
6 21 50 ???? 30:00:00 -00:30:00 00:35:00 +00:04:00
7 25 60 ???? 41:00:00 00:40:00

Active Time Edit

The Active Time depends on rank and level, see table above.

During Active Time, the stats bonuses of the card are added to the player's stats in everything he does, including challenges and match, friendly and official.

Cooldown Time Edit

The Cooldown Time depends on rank and level, see table above.

When the player uses a card, it triggers the Cooldown Time instantly. It cannot be lowered or canceled.

During Cooldown Time, a card cannot be used, leveled or evolved.

Color Edit

The color of the card decides the kind of stats that will be boosted by it. It also decides on which equipments it can be fused.

Color Type Stat 1 Stat 2 Stat 3 Stat 4 Stat 5
Grey Bad behaviour ALL
Green Spirit RFX SPD PHY
Blue Intelligence MAR CON PAS SPC
Yellow Courage AER SHO DRB HAN RFX
Purple Loyalty HAN RFX CON MAR TAC
White Good behaviour AER SHO

Playing Style Edit

Some cards will change the playing style for as long as they're active.

List of cards Edit

Rank 1 Edit

Card Name Color Bonus Stats Evolves to
Drop Kick Blue PAS;SPC Ground Kick
Block Tackle Grey TAC Sliding Tackle
Basic Set Piece Grey SPC
Shout Grey MAR;PAS;CON Analyze Opponent
Small Run Green SPD
Shoulder Charge Red MAR;TAC;PHY Shelling the Ball
Closing Down Yellow MAR;CON Reckless Dive
The 'W' Purple HAN Basket Catch
Normal Jump White AER Vertical Jump
Basic Shoot White SHO Toe Poke
Selfish Play Red SHO;DRB Feint
Square Pass Blue PAS Killer Pass
Build Up Blue PAS;SPC;CON Scout Analysis
Ritual White SHO;SPC;CON Fair Play
Focus Green RFX;CON Lift Team Spirit
Basic Trick Red DRB Side Step
Transfer Rumours Purple CON Scandale

Rank 2 Edit

Card Name Color Bonus Stats Evolves From Evolves To
Ground Kick Blue PAS;SPC Drop Kick Wall Pass
Sliding Tackle Grey TAC Block Tackle Standing Tackle
Analyze Opponent Grey Shout
Shelling the Ball Red MAR;TAC;PHY Shoulder Charge Screening
Feint Red SHO;DRB Selfish Play Around the World
Reckless Dive Yellow MAR;RFX;CON Clearing Down Diving Header
Basket Catch Purple HAN The 'W' Last Man
Vertical Jump White AER Normal Jump Long Pass Request
Toe Poke White SHO Basic Shoot Volley
Killer Pass Blue Square Pass
Scout Analysis Blue Build Up
Fair Play White Ritual
Lift Team Spirit Green RFX;PAS;CON Focus Serene Atmosphere
Side Step Red Basic Trick
Scandale Purple CON Transfer Rumours Club's Player of the Week

Rank 3 Edit

Card Name Color Bonus Stats Evolves From Evolves To
Wall Pass Blue PAS;AER;DRB;SPC Ground Kick Lay Off Pass
Grey Super Glue
Charismatic Style Grey TAC;SPC;CON;PHY Night Life Influence
Club's Player of the Week Purple CON Scandale Ultras Support
Around the World Red DRB;CON Feint No Look Pass
Serene Atmosphere Green RFX;PAS;CON Lift Team Spirit Family Support
Diving Header Yellow RFX;AER Reckless Dive Clearance with the Head
Last Man Purple HAN;RFX Basket Catch Sweeper Goalkeeper
Long Pass Request White PAS;AER Vertical Jump Shoulder Flick
Volley White SHO Toe Poke Chip Shot

Rank 4 Edit

Card Name Color Bonus Stats Evolves From Evolves To
Lay Off Pass Blue PAS Wall Pass Tactical Masterpiece
Super Glue Grey HAN;DRB;-PAS;-AER Strong Adhesive
Night Life Influence Grey TAC;RFX;PHY;-CON Charismatic Style
Ultras Support Purple TAC;CON;PHY Club's Player of the Week Superb Medical Staff
No Look Pass Red PAS;SPC Around the World Panenka
Family Support Green RFX;PAS;CON;PHY Serene Atmosphere Sacred Ground
Clearance with the Head Yellow MAR;AER;CON Diving Header Careful Diet
Sweeper Goalkeeper Purple HAN;RFX;SPD Last Man VIP Box
Shoulder Flick White PAS;AER Long Pass Request Glancing Header
Chip Shot White SHO Volley Screw Shot

Rank 5 Edit

Card Name Color Bonus Stats Evolves From Evolves To
Tactical Masterpiece Blue SPC Lay Off Pass Video Game Trick
Strong Adhesive Grey HAN;DRB;-PAS;-AER Super Glue
Superb Medical Staff Purple TAC;PHY Ultras Support Lovestruck
Panenka Red SHO;SPC No Look Pass Street Football
Sacred Ground Green RFX;SPC;PHY Family Support Crowd Jeers
Careful Diet Yellow RFX;AER;CON;PHY Clearance with the Head Collapse Dive
VIP Box Purple HAN;RFX Sweeper Goalkeeper Fans Favorite
Glancing Header White PAS;AER Shoulder Flick New Official Match Ball
Screw Shot White SHO;PHY Chip Shot Drive Shot

Rank 6 Edit

Card Name Color Bonus Stats Evolves From Evolves To
Video Game Trick Blue PAS;DRB;SPC Tactical Masterpiece The Dummy
Espaldinha Yellow PAS, AER
Cuauhteminha Red DRB, PHY
Scout Report Blue MAR,TAC,PAS
Scissor Tackle Grey TAC
Lovestruck Purple MAR;TAC;CON Superb Medical Staff Proud New Kid
One Cup One Dream Green SPD,CON,PHY
Street Football Red DRB Panenka Rainbow Trick
Crowd Jeers Green RFX;SPD;PHY Sacred Ground Ritual
Collapse Dive Yellow HAN Careful Diet Super Throw
Fans Favorite Purple TAC VIP Box True Captain
New Official Match Ball White AER;SHO;CON Glancing Header New Official Match Ball

Rank 7 Edit

Card Name Color Bonus Stats Evolves From
The Dummy Blue PAS;SPC;CON Video Game Trick
Diving Header Yellow REF. AER
Proud New Kid Purple MAR;TAC;CON Lovestruck
Rainbow Trick Red RFX;DRB;PHY Street Football
Ritual Green RFX;SPD;PHY Crowd Jeers
Super Throw Yellow HAN Collapse Dive
True Captain Purple MAR;SPC;CON Fans Favorite
Supports From the World White AER;SHO;CON New Official Match Ball
Instep drive White SHO;CON Drive Shot